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PostSubject: Pli Decks...   Pli Decks... EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 1:26 pm

Let me start off by saying thank you to every one who has help me out the past couple weeks.
I honestly didnt think it was going to be so difficult to make decks.. but it is so worth it!
Now im so so soo happy to introduce every one to PLI DECKS!!

Pli decks are made by me Kenneth Anthony Perez.. Kenny, in a small town called Yucaipa in California. Everything from shaping, sanding, drilling, and lacquering is done by me.
Im not trying to make a huge compay, my goal is simply to make quality decks for the scene at an affordable price thats fair to me and the buyer. Im just a humble, nice, and easy going guy trying to make some nice decks(:

At this time i will only be producing stocks.. My Sheet Metal Apprenticeship is approaching so customs would be hard for me to keep up with. So stocks would be easier that way i can work on a batch when i have time.
The Pli decks site is up and running for the mean time but will have a cleaner more professional look soon...

Now for the shape
Shape and mold took me roughly two weeks to create with locating pins to ensure an evenly pressed deck. The mold features mellow concave with medium kicks. Nose is higher than the tail..
Pli Decks... 15b2be10-f022-431c-a5c6-b7388f249cec_zps47d80bc2
Pli Decks... 7a2101e8-1861-40de-a404-60008dcd31fa_zps0caf7007
Pli Decks... Ecaf8c32-3a1c-45e8-842b-8d9e8d07c4fe_zps9cdb40e7

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Pli Decks...
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